VDV (Vista Data Vision)

VDV is an "all included" application for data management and analysis for field measurements. It offers all data handling for field measurement projects of any size. VDV supports Real-Time data handling as well as visualization of trend lines and a great number of various of reports. VDV is all you need to run a web based Data Monitoring service. VDV can import data from countless instruments and data loggers including ASC Sodars.

Vista Data Vision offers a number of displays including:
  • Time Series
  • Overlay Graph
  • Intensity Plots
  • Histograms
  • XY Graphs
  • Wind Roses
  • Moving Averages

In addition, Vista Data Vision offers toolkits and features that will allow you to optimize your data management:
  • Alarm Toolkit
  • Report Toolkit
  • Validation Toolkit
  • Wind Energy Toolkit
  • Displacement Graph Toolkit
  • Google Maps Toolkit
  • Real-time Display
  • Publish data to the Web
  • Access Control
  • Virtual Variables
  • Notes
  • Webcam
  • Run as Service
  • Custom SQL

For more informaiton about Vista Data Vision or to download a free trial, please visit www.vistadatavision.com.

VDV Screenshots