Sonic Detection and Ranging (SoDAR)

Sonic Detection and Ranging (SoDAR), which many view as a new technology, has been around for decades. To find out more about the technology, its applications, or studies done involving SoDAR, please see the links below.

Sodar 101

This page provides an entry level look at how SoDARs work, please click here.


While SoDAR is helpful for anyone needing wind measurements in the boundary layer of the atmosphere, this page highlights some of the popular applications to date.

White Papers

Decades of research have been put into the advancement of SoDAR, here is an archive of papers published by companies (not limited to ASC) that contains information that may be useful for deploying a system, not just an ASC system.

Truth About SoDAR (FAQ)

With the demand for SoDAR growing and new companies dabbling in the technology, many misleading statements have been made. The goal of this FAQ is to discover the truth about SoDAR and the principals that lie behind these truths.