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Radiometrics Now Provides Total Atmospheric Profiling Solutions!

As of early 2016, Radiometrics Corporation has acquired the assets of Atmospheric Systems Corporation, for wind profiling in the lower boundary layer. Radiometrics currently offers technical support, parts and repairs for all ASC sodar products, and is integrating the ASC product line into its manufacturing plan. Radiometrics also continues to offer its market leading MP-Series thermodynamic profiling radiometers, the PR-series single and dual-polarized radiometers, and RAPTOR radar wind profilers. All Radiometrics products are subject to a continuous product improvement regiment and are manufactured in the USA, with technical support and services provided from Radiometrics; facilities in Boulder, Colorado, as well as through selected in-country representatives.

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ASC and Met One Instruments Announce Partnership

To begin 2014, Met One Instruments, Inc. (MOI) is excited to announce a new corporate partnership to expand meteorological measurement capabilities. Atmospheric Systems Corporation (ASC), of Valencia, California, is a recognized leader in meteorological remote sensing using Sound Detection And Ranging (SoDAR) to measure vertical wind and turbulence profiles. This partnership will enable Met One Instruments and Atmospheric Systems to continue to grow meteorological markets for Air Quality, Wind Energy and Atmospheric Research. Both companies have seen increased demands for complex systems comprised of complimentary meteorological measurement systems. The companies share mutual clients and complement each other’s sales, service and product development.

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Next Generation Remote Sensor in Development

Atmospheric Systems Corporation Enters Development and Commercialization Partnership with Wind Measurement Technologies to develop the next generation of SoDAR Systems for use in Wind Assessment. This effort will be led by Dr. Kenneth Underwood and Professor Stuart Bradley and aims to provide the truest comparison to meteorological towers.

Valencia, CA, January 3, 2011, Atmospheric Systems Corporation (ASC) announced today that it has entered into a research collaboration with Wind Measurement Technologies (WMT), a division of Auckland UniServices Limited (UniServices) for the development and commercialization of a common volume Bi-static Doppler SoDAR system to be used primarily in the wind industry as a remote sensor for wind assessment.

The partnership between ASC and WMT will focus on developing a Sonic Detection and Ranging (SoDAR) system that will provide superior capabilities to existing remote sensing devices presently available to developers, engineers and meteorologist in the wind industry. The new system will obtain its wind information from volumes within a single atmospheric column. A key design strategy is that current ASC SoDARs will have the capability of being upgraded to this system. According to Dr. Underwood, “Our goal is to revolutionize and improve remote sensing without making existing ASC units obsolete.”

The project began November 1, 2010 with ASC’s President, Dr. Ken Underwood as the official lead and point of contact for ASC’s research and development team. Dr. Underwood is one of the leading SoDAR experts in the world and has been involved fulltime in SoDAR research, development and manufacturing for over 30 years. Professor Stuart Bradley, Scientific Director of WMT, is the official lead and point of contact for WMT’s research and development team. Professor Bradley is an internationally known expert in the design and use of SoDAR technology and the author of Atmospheric Acoustic Remote Sensing: Principles and Applications.

Atmospheric Systems Corporation (ASC) is a California based business that was established for the design, manufacture, sales and use of surface based atmospheric remote sensing instruments and systems to monitor the atmospheric boundary layer parameters such as wind, turbulence and temperature profiles.

Wind Measurement Technologies (WMT) is a contract research and consultancy group that specializes in applied acoustics research. WMT has key capabilities in wind measurements and is part of Auckland UniServices Limited (UniServices), the largest commercialization company of its kind in the Southern hemisphere and a wholly owned subsidiary of the University of Auckland, New Zealand.

SoDAR (Sonic Detection And Ranging) is an acoustic instrument for monitoring the atmospheric environment. SoDAR systems are used to measure wind speed and wind direction at various heights above ground level through the scattering of sound waves by atmospheric turbulence.

Atmospheric Systems Corporation (ASC) and Vista Engineering join forces to bring Vista Data Vision (VDV) to the U.S. Wind Energy Market.

Atmospheric Systems Corporation (ASC) and Vista Engineering are proud to announce a working relationship to streamline wind instrumentation data to the end user.

Valencia CA, January 26, 2012, Atmospheric Systems Corporation (ASC) and Vista Engineering are proud to announce a working relationship to streamline wind instrumentation data to the end user. Vista’s Engineering’s web-based Vista Data Vision (VDV) allows users to collect data from multiple sites and view it from a single dashboard. VDV creates web based graphs that include time series, wind roses, power curves, histograms, and more. In addition, VDV supports that ability for users to compare data from one instrument to another with XY scatter plots. Plus, alarms can be set to send user defined warnings and it is capable of providing custom reports.

Atmospheric Systems Corporation will be signing on as a distributor and user of Vista Data Vision. ASC will offer the ability to purchase VDV or experience it via ASC hosted DataPortal which is powered by Vista Data Vision. ASC’s DataPortal will have additional automation for data collection from a variety of instrumentation along with its SoDAR products. This allows users to view their data securely via the web and stay informed on the operation of their systems from anywhere they have an internet connection. DataPortal will be based on Vista Engineering’s VDV allowing users to stay abreast of the data as it is collected with the ease of signing in to a secure portal. ASC views VDV and DataPortal as great opportunities for users to continuously monitor and compare SoDAR data to that of a meteorological tower.

Atmospheric Systems Corporation (ASC) is a California based business that was established for the design, manufacture, sales and use of surface based atmospheric remote sensing instruments and systems to monitor the atmospheric boundary layer parameters such as wind, turbulence and temperature profiles.

Vista Engineering is an engineering firm based in Reykjavik, Iceland, specializing in software solutions for data handling. The software solutions are marketed under the name of Vista Data Vision (VDV) and are in widespread use all over the world in environmental and meteorological projects. Vista Engineering is proud of being able to bring forward special data handling solutions that were needed in order to handle the MiniSodar data in an effective way, and to incorporate its data into VDV in addition to all other field measurements that may be part of the project. See for further information.

Digi Connects Remote Wind Energy Monitoring Systems

Atmospheric Systems Corporation (ASC) manufactures surface based atmospheric remote sensing instruments and systems that measure atmospheric wind, turbulence, stability and other information. These instruments, called Doppler SoDAR systems, are “virtual wind measurement towers” that provide site-specific wind and turbulence measurements to land owners, developers and wind plant operators.

Wind turbines and potential locations for wind power production are often found in limited access areas such as mountainous areas, ridgelines, desert regions or sparsely inhabited open areas without local power or communications networks. To overcome these limitations, ASC equipped its SoDAR systems with ConnectPort™ WAN VPNs, 3G cellular routers that provide secure high-speed connectivity to remote sites. The ConnectPort WAN VPN enables remote monitoring, remote diagnostics and remote transfer of collected data sets for its SoDAR systems. Without this remote connectivity solution, the SoDAR data sets can only be collected via monthly on-site visits.

The ConnectPort WAN enables many of the SoDAR diagnostic functions to be available remotely, so ASC customers can better prepare for on-site maintenance. Also, the ASC SoDAR systems (including the connectPort WAN VPN) are battery powered, and the batteries are charged with solar panels or generators as needed. Other reasons ASC chose Digi’s ConnectPort WAN VPN include its worldwide availability; seamless access to a local network consisting of the SoDAR computer and the customer computer without the requirement of using fixed IP connections with crossover cables; the ability to easily connect other IP devices such as data loggers and cameras; and the RealPort® serial connection that enables the router to provide complete access to the SoDAR computer console port.

“Our customers need to be able to monitor, modify the operating configuration and diagnose their equipment remotely,” said Ken Underwood, CEO, ASC. “Otherwise, someone may be required to visit the field site as frequently as every two weeks depending upon the time requirements of the particular project.Assuming that a field site trip requires airfare, hotel and two days labor, that’s at least $1,400 per trip. The Digi router enables us to minimize the site visits. This can save us between $5,000 and $15,000 per project, per year.”

ConnectPort WAN Enables Connectivity in Remote Locations
Unlike other competitive solutions, the Digi router features DynDNS and other state-of-the-art routing features (e.g., LAN support), making it ideal for facilitating duplex communications.

“The ConnectPort WAN VPN provides all of the features we need,” Underwood said. “It manages the changing of IP addresses to make everything much easier. We tried other solutions, including hooking up a modem and a separate router, which turned out to be a nightmare.”

ConnectPort WAN VPNs connect ASC’s remote equipment via 3G cellular connections at more than 80 percent of ASC’s customer sites. ASC can record real-time information and recover locally stored data sets and diagnostics.

“Now we can look at systems any day, from anywhere,” Underwood added. “We can review operations in Europe, China and the U.S. When customers or representatives call up with questions, we can get into the system immediately and answer them. Data in wind energy is like gold. Monitoring daily is important to many customers.”

The routers also allow ASC to implement an automatic diagnostic feature that sends daily emails, which reduces the cost and time associated with system maintenance.

“The diagnostic messages are important,” Underwood said. “We don’t have to check on the systems. Some of our systems are in extremely remote locations. We now get updates from the system if something has gone wrong and needs repair, or if it needs some general scheduled maintenance. Our customers can limit their field trip to only those required times. This allows us to deploy and manage valuable resources and personnel as needed rather than in a scheduled mode.”

Easy to Deploy
ASC also finds the ConnectPort WAN VPNs easy to set up and configure, and Digi technical support outstanding. This technical support is available both domestically and internationally.

“ on the carrier, setting up a ConnectPort WAN VPN can be a five-minute job,” Underwood concluded. “The interface for the Digi product is clear and easy to follow. Since working with Digi, we have been very impressed with their technical support and willingness to work with us and the carriers.”

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Atmospheric Systems Corporation Provides Remote Wind Profiling Data to Customers Using Globalstar Satellite Data Modems

MILPITAS, CA. , February 20 2008-

Globalstar, Inc. (NASDAQ:GSAT), a leading provider of mobile satellite voice and data services to businesses, governments, and individuals, today announced that Atmospheric Systems Corporation (ASC), a leading manufacturer of remote wind profiling instruments and systems has signed an agreement to provide its customers with timely data within the United States, Canada, and at other international locations using the Globalstar satellite network. According to the agreement ASC will integrate the Globalstar GSP-1620 satellite data modem as part of ASC’s innovative Doppler SoDAR (Sonic Detection And Ranging) product line.

ASC’s SoDAR products are designed to monitor and collect data within the atmospheric boundary layer. The SoDAR system operates by emitting an audible acoustic pulse at 4500 Hz and recording the corresponding atmospheric echo in three independent directions to determine the three dimensional wind speed, wind direction, and turbulence profiles at as many as 50 user selected altitudes. Using the Globalstar satellite network these readings are then communicated directly to the customer using standard e-mail messages. These messages can be sent in either hourly or daily intervals.

“The Globalstar store and forward satellite modem capability provides data customers such as ASC with the capability to reliably and affordably send remote data information to their clients numerous times throughout the day using the Globalstar satellite network,” said Dennis Allen, Senior Vice President of US Sales and Marketing for Globalstar, Inc.

Dr. Underwood, President of ASC stated, “The Globalstar constellation of satellites is a quantum improvement in the transfer of critical atmospheric wind and system status information in a timely manner for our customers. The ability to work with one communications provider to cost effectively support our worldwide customer base is a unique capability that is only available through the Globalstar network.”

For additional sales and pricing information regarding the Globalstar GSP-1620 and the GSP-1720 in the United States please contact Dwayne MacTavish at 817.421.5778 or via email at [email protected]

About Globalstar, Inc.
Globalstar offers satellite voice and data services to commercial and recreational users in more than 120 countries around the world. The Company’s products include mobile and fixed satellite telephones, simplex and duplex satellite data modems and flexible service packages. Many land based and maritime industries benefit from Globalstar with increased productivity from remote areas beyond cellular and landline service. Global customer segments include: oil and gas, government, mining, forestry, commercial fishing, utilities, military, transportation, heavy construction, emergency preparedness, and business continuity as well as individual recreational users. Globalstar data solutions are ideal for various asset and personal tracking, data monitoring and SCADA applications.

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